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Sep 20

Garage Mahal: 2. PODS People come

All but the radio from the garage has made its way to a PODS — “Portable On Demand Storage.” I got the sixteen-footer, and it is quite spacious.

The really impressive part of getting a PODS is the process of getting the PODS. It’s a very well-tuned event, full of custom engineering and efficiency, far beyond what I was expecting. You order it online, and everything just happens.

After going through the ordering process (which was easy to understand and execute), the delivery went flawlessly. The guy showed up, asked where the container should be placed, and Just Did It. Right where I wanted it. No sloppy estimation. No call upon long-trained talent. Just a custom crane, mounted to a truck. Malek was the polite and competent driver.

I was impressed with the efficiency and attention paid to engineering to make the process work well for customer and driver.

Of course, after Malek gave me my padlock and left, I was faced with the task of moving the crap from the garage out back to the PODS in front. That entailed loading a truck or wheelbarrow. And for the final really heavy stuff (tool chests and heavy equipment and large engine castings) the boys.

Amazing what you can convince your grown-up boys to do if you promise a grilled steak afterwards.

It’s all in there now and the old garage is filled with nothing but a radio and echoes.

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